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EROAD Where Mini Tag (box of ten)

Perfect for tracking your smaller assets

Ideal for keyrings, power tools and other small equipment.

Our EROAD Where solution comprises of two main parts: our Application and our Tag. Both delivering the features you need to never lose your assets again.

For box of ten


Order today and get your tags shipped this week

You can rest easy knowing:

  • Finally, your assets will be visible
  • No need for expensive scanners
  • Easy access to data
  • Flexible and automated reporting
  • Mobile agnostic

No matter how many assets you have, you can start the trial by buying the first box of ten trackers.

Alongside your tags you will receive access to our Asset Tracking application, and instructions on how to get set up. EROAD Where has a monthly service charge of $6.20 per active mini tag, which is any tag that connects to our mesh network during a calendar month.

Mini Tag

  • Built to be hidden
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Replaceable battery (2-year battery life)
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +60ºC

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The Porter Group

“EROAD Where tags are perfect for all our non-motorised, non-powered items and attachments,” Reilly says. “It’s hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars to install something when you might not want to know anything more than where it is.” At $5 a month, EROAD Where offers them the price and functionality they’re looking for. “For the money invested, it’s a very valuable tool.”

- Ken Reilly, Asset Manager, Porter Hire Group

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“The installation process of the EROAD Where devices was fast, intuitive and easy, and the experience thereafter once our assets were inflight has been exactly what was promised and asked for.”

- Brad Bernie, Chief Operating Officer at Aramex

“The main reason we invested in EROAD Where tags was to reduce our equipment rental costs. We have saved $200 a day in rental costs, and I am sure we will see substantial cost savings going forward. For Marais Laying, EROAD Where tags enable efficient use of our assets.”

- Adrien Merceron, National Manager at Marais Laying