Why EROAD Where

A simple and intuitive asset tracking solution

EROAD Where was designed with our customers in mind. Our EROAD Where solution comprises of two main parts; our Application and our Tag. Both delivering the features you need to never lose your assets again and prepare complex reports at the touch of a button.

EROAD Where is an affordable asset tracking solution which is highly intuitive and easy to integrate into your business. We have developed a guide to help you through this process with our 10 tips to get the best result from an Asset Tracking Solution.

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At EROAD Where, we are here to help you on your journey into the future of asset tracking. Download our 10 reasons why you'll never regret implementing asset tracking software in your business to get started.




  • Improved Visibility
  • Say goodbye to expensive scanners
  • Easy access to data
  • Flexible and automated reporting
  • Mobile Agnostic


  • Built to be hidden
  • Battery to last
  • Designed for the environment your assets live in

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