Features & specifications

Our EROAD Where solution comprises of two main parts; our Application and our Tag. Both delivering the features you need to never lose your assets again.


Finally, assets are visible:
We worked with our customers when we developed EROAD Where and they all told us the same thing: we want clear visibility of all our assets on one screen. With EROAD Where you can see all your assets either in a table, or on the map view depending on your need.

No need for expensive scanners:
The mobile phone app has a QR code scanner included so you can easily add your assets into EROAD Where.

Easy access to asset Data:
Our centralized asset database means that you have all your assets in one place, making them easy to manage. EROAD Where is hosted in the Cloud so your data is well protected and mobile, just like the rest of your business. 

Replace spreadsheets, with flexible and automated reporting:
Replace time consuming spreadsheets with the cloud and EROAD Where, to easily access, filter and report on your assets. A single source you can trust.

Flexible and automated reporting:
Filter your data the way that works for you, to easily create the information you need to make decisions.

Mobile Agnostic:
Android or Apple? It’s OK, use your existing mobile phones to access asset or site information on the go.



Built to be hidden:
Black in colour and with two convenient connection points at either end, the Where Tag can be cable tied, metal strapped, screwed or attached with industrial double-sided tape to your asset depending on your installation needs. Low in profile, it can be conveniently concealed on the underside of a trailer, the top of a portaloo, or wherever works best for your asset.

  • Dimensions: L 81 x W 37 x H 29mm
  • Weight: 75 grams with batteries 

A battery to last:
We know that changing batteries is difficult when you have many assets distributed across your business. That is why we chose a battery that is built to last – 5+ years of having the security of knowing your assets are protected. When the battery level is getting low, an LED light will shine on the tracker, and it will show up in your asset management status report as being in the low battery category.

  • 3.6V Primary Lithium Thionyl Chloride
  • 5+ years at one ping per second
  • On device LED for low battery alert 

Designed for the environments your assets live in:
We know that your assets have it tough. You leave them outside and expect them to survive rugged treatment. Our asset tracker tag needs to be just as strong. Floating in a bed of silicone, and with lithium ion batteries, it is built to last. Our testing has ensured that it will survive dust, immersion in water, being dropped, and even the truck wash.

Operating Temperature: -30 to +85ºC

IP 68: protected from dust and long-term immersion in water – up to 2 meters for 1 hour