Will asset tracking integrate into my current business systems?

Your business may have assets that move around job sites and various locations, such as trailers, waste bins and freight cages or construction and trade equipment.

This means you run the risk of misplacing these assets.

Locating assets that are floating around can cost your business a lot of time, effort and money, which in today’s competitive environment, is something you can’t afford.

This is why asset tracking technology exists.

Asset tracking software not only allows you to monitor and locate your assets, but also provides you with features that allow you to get the most efficient use out of them.

But, how does it integrate into your current business?


How are you currently tracking your assets?

Some businesses still use paper-based tracking or rely on basic spreadsheets to keep tabs of their operational assets.

While using these methods can work, they are quite inefficient, slow and time-consuming. You never know when people are keeping them up-to-date, paper gets lost, new assets aren’t added and so on. It also makes stocktakes really cumbersome as you need to go and manually check all of your assets. If your business uses these, then upgrading to asset tracking software will provide a long list of benefits.

Asset tracking solutions are based in the Cloud. So, you simply sign up with an account, log in and it’s ready to monitor and manage all the assets that move around such as construction equipment, machinery, waste bins and much more.

By simply attaching EROAD Where asset tracking tags to your items, they will start transmitting a Bluetooth signal that is picked up by vehicles travelling around New Zealand with EHubo2 units in them, or via mobiles phones with the EROAD Where app. This means you’ll have greater asset visibility, and those troublesome stocktakes become a breeze.

It’s simple, and you can get started pretty much immediately, so you don’t have to worry that it will be a cumbersome transition. Plus, you’ll soon wonder how you ever kept track of everything before.


Integrating the asset tracking benefits into your business

There’s more to asset tracking software than just constant monitoring.

Being able to check your movable equipment in and out of job sites using asset tracking geofences also enables you to have everything registered in one single and accurate database – giving your business the benefit of having records that can also be utilised in billing, tax reconciliation and inventory.

Need to charge and bill accurately?
Presenting a credible proof of service is now possible due to the information asset tracking supplies, such as the arrival and departure “check-in” times of assets.

Do you need information to calculate an asset’s depreciation or taxation?
No worries, because an asset tracking management solution can easily identify how your assets have been employed and over what timeframes.

As you can see, integrating asset tracking solutions into your business is simple and effective. You can throw away the paper and delete the outdated spreadsheet, whilst gaining valuable data and monitoring all your assets on just one screen.

Are you looking for an effective asset tracking solution? EROAD’s Where is your ideal solution.


Integrating EROAD Where into your current business systems

EROAD Where is designed with business practicality in mind.

As a full asset tracking solution, EROAD Where is tailored to integrate seamlessly with your business systems. For example, the files and records from it can be downloaded as a CSV file – allowing the stored data to be downloaded and used in other software, such as Accounting and Taxation applications.

You can also utilise the power of EROAD Depot combined with EROAD Where. The geofences, users and customer sites that you have already established in Depot will all be available in Where, with no set up needed. This makes the sharing of valuable information easy and accurate.

It’s the ideal solution for a business looking to take better control over their assets across their operations.

10 reasons why you'll never regret implementing asset tracking software in your business

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