Why you should choose EROAD Where as your asset tracking software

Is your paper-based tracking system slowing you down?

Do you find spreadsheets to be limiting when managing your assets?

As a full asset tracking solution, EROAD Where is a powerful platform that equips you with many options to gain full visibility over your equipment and tools being used across different construction sites.

It automates asset management and boosts the productivity of your operations.

To discover why EROAD Where is the ideal investment for your organisation, here are some important points to consider.

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8 reasons why EROAD Where is perfect for your asset tracking

There are many asset tracking solutions available in the market, but not all of them come equipped with comprehensive features that do far more than just list tools and equipment.

Fortunately, EROAD Where performs a large range of other functions that also improve your construction project’s levels of productivity and profitability.

By utilising low energy Bluetooth tags and geofencing technology, EROAD Where provides visibility of all of your assets, while giving your team maximum efficiency to utilise your wide range of machines, vehicles and construction tools.

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Are you curious as to how EROAD Where can help you?

1. EROAD Where is cost-effective.

EROAD Where is a versatile Bluetooth-based asset tracker that can be used on all sorts of construction tools and pieces of equipment.

Unlike other expensive options that use GPS, EROAD Where utilises affordable Bluetooth tags that are connected to a unique mesh network of EROAD Ehubo2 units on vehicles travelling in and around your sites, and mobile apps on the phones of your staff, which help to effectively track the location of your assets.

2. EROAD Where tags are designed to conveniently fit your assets.

The EROAD Where tags are designed to be inconspicuous, with their black colour and lightweight size. In fact, each tag weighs only 75 grams and has a dimension of L 81 x W 37 x H 29mm.

Despite their portable characteristics, EROAD Where tags are extremely durable. They have an IP68 rating for both water and dust resistance, which means they are protected from total dust ingress and the long-term immersion of water up to two metres for one hour. This ensures that they will survive in the environments which your assets live in.

3. EROAD Where Bluetooth tags are easy to install.

Every EROAD Where tag consists of two connection points located at either end that allow it to be easily cable-tied, metal-strapped, screwed or attached with industrial double-sided tape to your various assets.

By connecting these tags to EROAD Where software installed on your smart devices, you can easily track assets and gain valuable insights in just a few clicks – from anywhere.

4. EROAD Where tags have long-lasting battery life.

The battery life of each EROAD Where Bluetooth tag can last for over 5 years.

The LED light in the asset tracking tag will alert you once the battery’s level is getting low. The EROAD Where software will also show notifications regarding the tag’s battery status.

5. EROAD Where performs efficient stocktakes and audit procedures.

EROAD Where software equips you with a centralised asset database that contains updated and organised asset information. With its geofence feature, your team can easily locate and assess the locations and condition of all tools and equipment across any construction site.

As a result, you can proactively save time and resources finding misplaced and underutilised construction assets, and stocktakes become a lot easier than the manual process involved when you don’t have an asset management system.

6. EROAD Where can be tailored to integrate with your business systems.

EROAD Where can easily be synced with the information you already have in MyEROAD. Furthermore, the records you’ve generated from the EROAD Where Software can be exported as CSV files, which makes it possible for them to be saved and used in other business systems like Accounting and Taxation applications.

Since EROAD Where is hosted in the Cloud, your team can also have access to the asset data they need – anytime and anywhere. Nevertheless, you can restrict or limit access whenever you want using the user profiles.

There are also APIs available for users who are looking to connect Where to other systems.

7. EROAD Where offers proactive and reactive customer service.

Our locally based EROAD Where support team can assist with your technical issue or concern, and our account managers are happy to help you with advice and on-boarding.

You can also use the online training content, tutorial videos and FAQs available through the icon at the bottom right on the website to help your team navigate EROAD Where software. Simply type in a question to find what you are looking for.

If you want to keep track of your assets and improve your daily operations, EROAD Where is the perfect solution for you. EROAD Where allows you to efficiently manage your projects across multiple job sites by providing asset visibility and information right at your fingertips.

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