What is asset tracking software?

Is your business looking for a better way to track your valuable assets?

Perhaps it’s time to replace your manual asset tracking system or maybe you need a proactive way of managing your assets to prevent inefficiencies?

Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve, asset tracking software is useful in monitoring and utilising your whole range of assets to improve daily productivity, increase profitability and achieve business growth.

Here’s how.

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What is asset tracking software?

Asset tracking software eliminates a lot of the manual processes involved in tracking assets by using an automated system to store, monitor and collect data across all of your business’ assets.

With the help of installed asset tracking tags, asset tracking software easily and effectively identifies the locations where all your equipment, tools and vehicles are deployed and allows this information to be shared across all of your team members via their smart devices.

What are the common uses for asset tracking software?

There is more to asset tracking and management than simply keeping tabs on the location of your assets.

Here are some other ways asset tracking software can help your business:

Asset tracking software provides full visibility of assets.

Equipment, tools and vehicles frequently move around different job sites. Asset tracking software enables you and your team to view where they are currently deployed using just one system. This saves time looking for missing assets and avoids misplacing any items.

Asset tracking software helps your business comply with your industry’s requirements.

Through efficient monitoring and reliable reporting, asset tracking software allows you to meet your industry’s certifications and standards, which is important in building trust with your clients.

Asset tracking software monitors the condition of each asset.

Asset tracking solutions can help you track and perform routine asset maintenance. Staying on top of this allows you to schedule necessary repairs that will prevent damage and the associated delays to your entire operations.

Asset tracking software prevents you from incurring unnecessary costs.

By tracking the whereabouts of your assets and monitoring regular maintenance requirements, asset tracking will help minimise avoidable expenses such as emergency repairs and replacement costs.

Asset tracking software enables you to check the collection and delivery of assets to various locations.

Asset tracking software allows you to assign and allocate assets efficiently, provide clear proof of service and accurately record the arrival and departure times of assets from sites – helping you to utilise and optimise their use more effectively.


As you can see, asset tracking software does far more than simply count and list equipment, tools and vehicles. It guarantees efficient asset tracking and management, improves productivity, reduces costs and provides accurate data needed for smarter decision making.

If you’re using manual paper or Excel-based methods, it may be worth investing in asset tracking solutions like EROAD Where.

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Asset tracking solutions offer a lot of advantages that can help grow your business through the better use of plant, equipment, tools and vehicles. But it’s important to have the right information to achieve the best outcomes.

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