How to train your team on using asset tracking software

Deciding to use new software to improve your business is one thing; but training your team to use it properly can often be an entirely different challenge altogether.

Will they appreciate its full value if you were to go ahead? Will they be receptive?

It’s one of the final considerations before you decide to try something like an asset tracking platform.

Asset Tracking Software is designed to save you money and improve productivity through better visibility, accessibility and effective management of your movable equipment, tools and vehicles. However, just like any other application, its success lies in the way it’s going to be implemented by the people who will be using it.

It’s important to facilitate the proper training necessary to make sure your team can adapt to the new system properly so that your business gets the best results.

Here’s how to get your team on-board quickly.

Helping your team embrace asset tracking software

A lot of the decision to adopt asset tracking comes down to knowing if your team will use it effectively.

How can you guarantee that your employees will make good use of asset tracking software? What can you do to make them feel comfortable about this new asset tracking solution?

Fortunately, solutions like EROAD Where are designed to be extremely simple and intuitive. Most people can pick it up and start using the platform almost immediately.

However, here are some tips to help your team get the best use:

  • First, explain why the Asset Tracking Software is being implemented and the purpose it will serve in making their daily jobs easier.

  • To help your employees be more receptive, explain how the automated asset reporting system is far more effective than using paper and spreadsheets to manage assets.

  • Tell your employees that asset tracking software is hosted in the Cloud, and that it’s accessible and reliable from anywhere, whenever they need it.

  • Run a short workshop to show the team how the platform works and allow them to look around the software.

  • Take advantage of the available learning and tutorial videos. Asset tracking platforms like EROAD Where provide a range of online training content and accessible FAQ’s to guide you towards adapting to the new asset management system.

  • Assign an “Asset Tracking Champion” who will be the main person overseeing the whole platform. They can take the time to get confident with the system and, in turn, everyone will go to them for information and answers.

  • Assure your staff that there is a locally based EROAD Where support team that can help them with any technical issues or concerns.

  • Demonstrate how the Bluetooth asset tracking tags are easily set up with the new asset tracking software on their devices with very little effort.

After this, your team should be better prepared to get the best use out of your Asset Tracking Software.

Are you now confident that your team will be confident?

Asset Tracking Software aims to add value to your business in every possible way. That’s why it’s designed intuitively to help you focus on growing your business - not on navigating new technology.

EROAD Where is an asset tracking solution that was built by working together with real businesses who all had different asset management needs. Their suggestions were taken into consideration and implemented to ensure that the software is user-friendly, without sacrificing its full functionality.

You now can benefit from this experience, without worrying that your team will have any issues or concerns about adopting it successfully.

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