How to track assets across the country with asset tracking software

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely your assets are moved accross large geographical distances. Your asets working across multiple construction projects is not something which is out of the ordinary.

Deploying trailers, tools and equipment to different job sites, however, comes with its own risks and costs.

How can you effectively track the movement and assignment of your construction assets? What is the best way to ensure your assets located across various states are utilised in the best ways?

Asset tracking software is the key to managing your equipment, tools and vehicles all from one place – even without having to travel great distances yourself.

EROAD Where asset tracking network
EROAD Where software

Why is it important to have asset tracking software?

For construction businesses with high volumes of assets that frequently move around remote project sites, asset tracking software has now become more of a necessity.

Asset tracking software like EROAD Where automates and streamlines asset management to help you oversee construction tools, equipment and vehicles – regardless of where they are currently located.

By using asset tracking software, you can easily locate assets, check their condition and keep an eye on their usage. This will prevent you from incurring additional expenses on misplaced equipment, unexpected downtimes and inaccurate asset audits.

EROAD Where is a reliable asset management software that provides 360-degree visibility over assets located at multiple job sites, all in the palm of your hand.

How does EROAD Where track assets across the country?

EROAD Where is made up of two important elements: the web platform and the Bluetooth tag.

The web platofrm is the EROAD Where software you can access from your desktop or mobile iOS/Android devices. It allows you to see all your assets on one screen, either through a table or map view.

The Asset Overview on the web platform lets you know which tools and equipment are in your depot, at project sites, in transit or at unidentified locations. On the other hand, the Map View on both the web platform and mobile app provides you with a graphic summary of all the sites that contain your assets.

The EROAD Where mobile app also allows you to easily add and view assets onsite through a built-in QR scanner and add all the necessary information about each piece of P&E for your team to access.

Meanwhile, EROAD Where Bluetooth tags are physically attached to your assets either through cable ties, double-sided industrial tape or whatever suits the surface of your construction tools and equipment.

Aside from their long battery life, you can rely on these Bluetooth tags to withstand even the harshest environments that your assets are exposed to – including high heats, low colds, water, saltwater and a range of other rough conditions.


To help you understand how EROAD Where works, here’s how it tracks your assets across the country:

EROAD Where Bluetooth asset tracking tags are connected to a unique Mesh network made up of 1) EHUBO 2 units on vehicles travelling nationwide and 2) the EROAD Where app on users’ mobile devices.
After attaching these EROAD Where tags to your assets, they will begin to transmit Bluetooth signals that will then be picked up by vehicles moving cross country with EHubo2 units in them or mobile phones with the installed EROAD Where app on them.
The EROAD Where app will show the location of tools and equipment, alongside other important asset information.
For those assets which are currently in transit, tags which are in a vehicle equipped with an EROAD Ehubo, or with the driver carrying an EROAD Where mobile app with the “sensor” profile (or higher) activated, the location will be updated every 5 minutes.
With EROAD Where, you can set up geofences around project sites anywhere and assign cost centres to individual assets. This way, you can be more efficient with customer billing and proof of service.

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