How to stop losing your construction tools and equipment

All construction projects, both big and small, involve multiple operations that utilise different sets of equipment.

These can range from construction vehicles, earth moving equipment and material handling machinery, to other engineering tools. 

However, as you continuously deploy tools and equipment across various job sites, keeping track of these multiple assets quickly becomes a challenging task. This is when items can often get misplaced. The good news is that you’re not alone - the majority of construction companies experience the same dilemma of losing their expensive tools and not being able to easily locate equipment when needed. 

Fortunately, there are asset tracking solutions that prevent your construction tools and equipment from getting misplaced or underutilised.

EROAD Where tags on the asset
EROAD Where tag in use

What is asset tracking?

Assets play an essential part in all of your projects. Without the necessary plant and equipment in place, it’s difficult for your workers to undertake their part of your project. 

Asset tracking is a practice of asset management that helps you know where these tools and equipment are to ensure all your projects and operations are efficient and productive. 

Generally speaking, organisations have a tendency to rely on paper-based methods and basic spreadsheets in Excel to track their assets across job sites. But when dealing with several construction projects, these approaches tend to be difficult, inaccurate and not very cost-effective. 

Relying on more advanced options such as software platforms that use barcodes, RFID, GPS and asset tracking Bluetooth tags can be a more effective alternative to seamlessly track your construction tools and equipment.

How can asset tracking software stop you from misplacing tools and equipment?

Asset tracking software offers a lot of value to your projects by providing you with a 360º view of your tools and equipment across various work locations. Through its centralised system, you now have a record of where assets were last seen, and gain useful information about their status, all through one login portal.

To help you understand why asset tracking software is a worthwhile investment for your projects, here’s how it can stop you from misplacing valuable tools and equipment:

EROAD Where asset tracking software
1. Asset tracking software enables you to monitor all of your P&E assets in real-time.

By attaching asset tracking tags to your plant and equipment and connecting them to the asset tracking software installed on your smart devices and computers, you can now gain complete visibility over your construction tools, equipment and vehicles.

This will help you to easily identify which work sites are closest to you and have the assets you need.

2. Asset tracking software locates assets with just a few clicks.

Asset tracking software allows you to quickly view and report on assets – whether they are in your office, in transit or at other job sites. This allows you to focus on growing your business and spend less time and resources trying to find misplaced tools and equipment.

3. Asset tracking software equips you with access to all assets, anywhere and anytime.

Imagine knowing where your assets were sent last at the click of a button. Through asset tracking software, you can conveniently check on your assets using multiple views and devices.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to examine them via map view or using a table because asset tracking software is accessible to both desktop platform and iOS / Android mobile applications.

4. Asset tracking software utilises a single system for all your assets’ data.

Ensure transparency and coordination amongst your team by implementing an asset tracking software with cloud-based technology that can store and organise information in one place.

With asset tracking software, every project management team is now more capable of making accurate decisions when it comes to handling tools and equipment.

5. Asset tracking software eliminates manual processes of monitoring and managing assets.

Tracking your assets using the paper-based method and spreadsheets in Excel can be tedious and imprecise. Asset tracking software will make the process more accurate and far more streamlined.


If you’re looking for a practical solution to gain complete control of your construction tools and equipment, EROAD Where asset management software is the solution you are looking for.

Asset tracking software makes sure no asset is ever misplaced or underutilised. With it, you can ensure that operations and tasks will be accomplished on time, so that your budgets don’t get blown out. On top of that, you no longer have to go on a wild goose chase to try and figure out where your stuff is. You get your time freed up to focus on the aspects of your job that really matter.

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Want to learn more about asset tracking?

Asset tracking solutions help organisations like yours identify, assign and utilise a whole range of assets more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Through it, you can drive efficiency, achieve greater productivity and accelerate the delivery of your projects.

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