How to pitch asset tracking to management

Asset tracking offers a lot of advantages to your business.

It doesn’t simply involve counting and listing equipment. It also helps in generating useful data needed for effective decision making, eliminating unnecessary cost, improving productivity and ensuring accountability.

Investing in it can give your business an edge and accelerate its ongoing success.

This is why asset tracking solutions are a great addition to your operations – however, while you may see its value, you may still need to convince the Management team.

Here’s how to demonstrate its value and get one step closer to implementation.

Pitching asset tracking to management

What better way to convince them that your business needs asset tracking software than explaining the multiple benefits it offers?

Through the better management of assets, your team can reduce inefficiencies across your entire operation.

By demonstrating how an asset tracking system can help improve your organisation’s productivity and profitability, they’ll be able to see that it does more than just produce a list of all your machinery and equipment.

In pitching EROAD Where, for instance, the following advantages will help you make a compelling case.

  • Asset tracking software allows you to recover assets

    Your business should not be wasting precious time and manpower trying to continually locate assets. Operations also shouldn’t face downtime due to missing tools and equipment.

    Asset tracking can help you locate assets and assign them to projects easily, so everything is being used effectively. Your team can also geofence customer job sites or your own depots on EROAD Where, or use the geofences you already have created in EROAD Depot to gain full visibility over all your equipment and vehicles.

  • Asset tracking software enables you to coordinate your assets in real-time

    An asset tracking solution provides you with an option to check your asset’s location easily on your mobile devices or desktop computers (as either a table or a map) – determining which ones are currently in your internal depot, at customer sites, in transit and even those which are unidentified or lost.

  • Asset tracking saves you money

    Asset tracking provides you with data that’s useful in determining whether assets need to be replaced or need to undergo maintenance. You can provide the status of the asset to the back office through the asset photo field on the mobile app. This is an effective and simple way to prevent your business from incurring unnecessary maintenance and replacement costs.

    Through a proper asset tracking system, you can avoid paying for underutilised assets in the form of taxes, storage and repair fees.

  • Asset tracking ensures your business is above your industry’s standards

    Some businesses may need to comply with different regulatory requirements to meet certain industry certifications around asset maintenance, calibration and testing.

    Asset tracking can assist in meeting and even exceeding these standards through active reporting systems and careful monitoring.

  • Asset tracking supports the growth of your business

    It’s hard to grow your operations when you can’t track the very assets you need to do so. Asset tracking systems ensure accountability and efficiency with all your assets, no matter where they are, so you can increase capacity and productivity.

Are you ready to present asset tracking solutions to your management team?

EROAD Where is a complete asset tracking solution that offers all of the above advantages, making it a compelling addition to your business.

EROAD Where monitors and manages all your assets easily through the use of low energy Bluetooth tags and geofencing technology. Its systematic approach helps ensure your team can reach optimal productivity through the visibility of your assets.

EROAD Where is a cost-effective solution to asset management, compare the total cost of ownership with any competitor and it will be easy to convince your management.

Purchase your first box of EROAD Where trackers today and show management the benefits of this product in your business.

10 reasons why you'll never regret implementing asset tracking software in your business

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