How to manage your business assets effectively and profitably

Every business has its own assets, such as equipment, tools and vehicles, that all play significant roles in ensuring seamless business operations every day.

These valuable items help your business generate revenue and increase your business’ revenue-generating activities. This is why effective asset management is crucial in achieving optimal productivity.

Traditionally, businesses have managed their assets manually through guesswork, excel spreadsheets or even on random bits of paper. The issue with this old school type of asset management is that it can be unreliable, easily get lost and take a lot of time to update manually.

The good news is, in today’s tech era, there are digital asset management solutions that help businesses of all shapes and sizes effectively oversee asset operations.

Here’s what you need to know.

Asset Tracker

How does an Asset Management System help your business?

There are two main functions of effective asset management:

1. Monitoring your assets
2. Deploying your assets

Doing this efficiently will save you time and money while allowing you to utilise them to achieve the maximum possible returns.

With a digital asset management solution, you will have a comprehensive software platform that will do both of these for you by allowing your team to access it, anywhere at any time, including your people on the road, people using the tools, people onsite and people in your head office.

Having a working system that can effectively automate and streamline your assets will allow you to manage the overall operational performance of your business.

An effective Asset Management System comprises of two components:

1. The software application
2. Asset tags to attach to each item

These two components communicate with each other and allow your staff to take full control.

This is where EROAD Where comes in.


EROAD Where: the ideal Asset Management System solution for you.

By utilising a standalone software platform and installing Bluetooth beacon tags called EROAD Where tags to your assets, you’ll be able to receive ongoing updates as to where an item is located, helping you maximise the usage of your business resources.

Our bespoke asset management system is specifically designed for every business to: 

- Save time
- Maximise asset utilisation
- Reduce possible risks
- Avoid frustrations and
- Improve accuracy and reliability


EROAD Where Tags come in two sizes

The EROAD Where and Where Mini tags allow you to monitor assets from small tools to large mobile assets.

These Bluetooth devices can help you locate, deploy and ultimately manage your asset use. Do you have smaller components, detachable parts, cords and power tools? Then our mini beacon tag is perfect. For larger equipment, the normal tag is the best option to streamline your asset management process.

Companies that understand the importance of effectively managing assets are on the right path towards success. Through the implementation of a smart asset management system, you will be able to place your focus, priority and attention on efficient operations every day.



Do you want to know more about our Asset Management System?

Our asset management system, EROAD Where, offers an innovative solution by using a centralised approach that connects all departments, facilities and assets to promote a more collaborative and accurate working environment across all business operations.

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