5 Benefits of asset tracking software that Improves asset visibility

Businesses with a large range of assets tend to move them from location to location as needed. Unfortunately, this can mean that some can get lost or be misplaced.

If you are reading this right now, it’s likely you’re familiar with this problem and are looking for a way to track and manage your assets. Fortunately, effective asset tracking and management solutions do exist to help businesses like yours utilise their assets better while reducing lost productivity and replacement costs.

Here are the top 5 benefits an asset tracking solution offers

1. A single system for all of your assets
EROAD Where asset tracking software facilitates a centralised asset database that organises all asset information in one place. This makes it easier for everyone in your team to know where your assets are and manage them effectively – from trailers, to compactors, water blasters, power tools and more, we have a list of over 1200 assets you might like to put into your asset tracking software.

Through a Cloud system that hosts your asset tracking software, you know that the asset data is secure and mobile.

2. A comprehensive view of assets
Since a lot of your assets will move frequently around different job sites or office locations, some of them can get lost.

Asset management solutions solve this problem by providing you with clear visibility of all your assets on just one screen, displayed via a map or in a table. This can be accessed via a desktop computer, an Android phone or an Apple device, too.

An asset management solution has flexible compatibility and is always ready to provide you with the information you need, whenever you need it.

3. Identification of potential asset loss
Why wait until an asset is reported missing, when you can take a proactive approach to asset tracking instead?

When an asset is in transit for longer than the time that you set for your business, then it appears in the unidentified classification on the Asset Overview. This helps you to identify assets that could be potentially missing, or that are in geofences that have expired because the job has finished and the asset has been left behind. The geofences that you create for your organization help you to manage customer billing, identify asset locations, and asset utilization.

4. Keeps up with your assets
There are many different types of asset trackers on the market.

However, EROAD Where’s Bluetooth-based asset tracker units are unique because they are paired with a Mesh Network made up of EHUBO 2 units on vehicles travelling around New Zealand and the EROAD Where app on the users’ mobile devices. This creates a very affordable means of keeping track of the last known location of your assets.

Each asset tracker is durable to withstand any environment that your assets are exposed to. This includes high heats (+85C), low colds (-30C), water, saltwater, and a range of other harsh surroundings. The chipset and battery are floating in a silicone bed within the device, to protect it from drops and bumps.

Its battery life also lasts for over 5 years and alerts you once its level is getting low (on the device and in the web portal), ensuring you can track your assets over the long-term without much manual hassle or admin.

5. Reliable reporting
Replacing your paper-based systems and spreadsheets with automated reporting is one of the main advantages of asset tracking software. Through this asset management solution, you can now filter data and collate the information required to make necessary decisions.

In just a few clicks, you can generate all of the asset records you need, so you can work out which assets to buy next, which to see, and which are not being used to the right capacity.

With asset tracking software, your business can focus on managing the urgent needs of your customers while saving money, time and resources by avoiding the hassle of manually trying to locate the right assets for the right projects. 

An asset tracking solution like EROAD Where can track and manage your whole range of assets easily and effectively.

10 reasons why you'll never regret implementing asset tracking software in your business

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