Zac Warren from Protranz Earthmoving

 Protranz Earthmoving

“It’s all around just a great product!”

Protranz have been customers of EROAD Where since March 2020.  As a logistics manager, each day is different for Zac Warren.  His time gets split between the office and being outdoors getting trucks serviced and quoting for jobs.  The company has a wide range of equipment which is why it’s essential for Zac to be able to keep track of everything.  Prior to using EROAD Where, Zac was tracking assets by memory and an inaccurate excel spreadsheet.  Zac would have to drive to various sites to find things.  Sometimes Zac would turn up at a site to find out the plant wasn’t even there – wasting his time and the company’s resources.  

Zac was looking for a product which was easy and universal to track his assets.  After evaluating market options and finding bulky trackers which were very expensive, the choice for Zac to go with EROAD Where was a no-brainer, since he loved our affordable price and size of the unit which is easy to tuck away out of sight.  He started using EROAD Where early on to help the team coordinate the way they used their extensive fleet of equipment and machinery.

The process of implementing the tracker and software into the business was quick and he was most impressed with is the painless installation process.  Zac loves that he is able to track even the smaller sized plant like his compactor plates.   Since implementing EROAD Where, stock-takes have become a quick and easy process for Zac which has added value to his role as a Logistics Manager.   

Since implementing EROAD Where, Zac no longer has to react to assets getting misplaced on his sites, in fact EROAD Where helps him prevent this from happening which saves him time and money.  Zac loves that the team at EROAD Where have an answer for anything, he recommends EROAD Where for anyone looking for simple and affordable asset tracking.  From Dozers to Scrapers, Excavators to Loaders, Graders to Articulated Dump Trucks.  Zac found our trackers to be highly intuitive and easy to integrate right into their operations. Now, Zac can’t imagine working without it.